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As you can probably tell by now, I’m a quirky gal who brings an energetic and unconventional approach to copywriting.

Not only do I want your clients to feel seen and understood, I want YOU to feel that way throughout our work together.

The goal in hiring a service provider is to make your life easier, right? I think that goes not only for when the work is complete, but while it’s underway.

What that means for my client experience is:

  • Minimal pre-work that’s quick, easy, and fun to complete
  • Highly flexible, neurodiverse-friendly processes that meet a range of working styles
  • No penalties or shame for last-minute reschedules for mental health or family stuff
  • High-touch communication with me, since I only work with one or two clients at a time
  • Unlimited revisions (but not full rewrites or scope changes), so that you are 100% satisfied with the finished product

My turnaround times are fast by industry standards – with most projects done within a month – because I work with a small portfolio of clients using an intensive approach.

I do my best work when I’m fully immersed in a single brand and can channel your voice without any others competing for real estate in my brain. And it shows in the finished product!

Sound good? Submit an application to work with me and you’ll get an email link to set up a free consult!
Kate Hollis
In a nutshell, I write sales copy.

Really, really good sales copy – but don’t take it from just me:

Here's What I Do:

Quiz Writing

Who doesn’t love a quiz? It’s human nature to want to know things about ourselves. They’re the highest-converting lead magnet for a reason!

A quiz will:

  • Give your audience a fun, memorable, interactive brand experience
  • Provide you with deep insights for audience segmentation and targeted email marketing
  • Allow you to demonstrate expertise in a highly approachable format
  • Serve as a tool that you can easily modify as your brand grows and evolves
  • Have a strong call to action for anyone listening to you on a podcast or other speaking gig

I offer three tiers of quiz packages, some with DIY components for businesses on a budget or with a team who can handle the tech side of quiz set up, and others where I take care of everything start to finish. 


Starting at $2497

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Email Nurtures

A sale seldom happens the first time someone encounters your offer. It’s the email nurture series to your list that cultivates the buying mindset!

An email sequence will:

  • Drive the performance of a sales page or lead magnet
  • Train your audience to anticipate and open your emails
  • Build rapport and demonstrate expertise
  • Give opportunity to share social proof
  • Keep you front of mind when your list is ready to buy, whether that’s tomorrow or next year


Starting at $1497

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Sales Strategy & Audits

You’ve got a stellar offer, but sales are tapering off, or you’re not seeing repeat business. That’s a sign that your messaging might need a tune-up! 

I apply my signature framework (described below) to:

  • Identify ways to be more inclusive and neurodiverse-friendly
  • Understand and connect with a range of personalities and buying styles
  • Recognize where your own values and beliefs are showing up
  • Provide a roadmap of personality-based strengths and opportunities


Starting at $1500

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Here’s How I Do It:

My Signature Framework

My approach is unique in how I draw from bodies of research, disciplines, and subjects that don’t come up in traditional market research.

I’m fascinated by the messy inner workings of the human heart and mind, and not afraid to delve into topics that give deep insights into what it truly means to be human.

So, not only will I research your competitors, ideal client, and overall marketplace — but I’ll really dig into  the ‘why’ behind your customers buying behavior, and the mechanisms of the ‘how’ they’ll make the decision.

Is it really a framework if it doesn’t have an acronym? And a cheesy one at that?

Don’t mind if I do.

The PB & J Method:

Personality: Understanding behaviors and motivations – the Enneagram, literature, and emotional intelligence
Brain: Understanding cognitive processes  – Mental health, neurodiversity, and decision making norms
Justice: Understanding context, privilege, and impact – Race, Gender, and More

Complex thinking about your audience and brand doesn’t mean your messaging will be overcomplicated. That’s the difference between one-time sales and repeat business your clients feel good about.

Here’s How to Tell If I’m the Writer for You: