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Better With Books

A podcast for entrepreneurs that bridges the gap between reading for business and reading for fun!

Kate pattern

I don’t know where it started, but there’s a prevailing opinion out there about reading and entrepreneurship.

This idea that the only books that benefit our business are books ABOUT business.

Where’s the fun in that?

How-to and strategy books are awesome – but only one piece of the puzzle.

Fiction may not be real, but it contains a deeper kind of truth than the non-fiction reads we think we “should” read to move our businesses forward.

Expanding your reading list expands your perspective!

You can:

  • Gain perspective on different lived experiences and motivations
  • Understand where your business fits into a larger social context
  • Get inspiration for your brand, offers, and client experience
  • … and more!

And most important of all, you can bridge the gap between reading for pleasure and reading for work. It’s just a matter of adjusting your lens a bit.

That’s why I created the Better with Books Podcast.

Because I KNOW your business – and your life – will be richer and more meaningful with more books (or audiobooks) in the mix.

Whether you have time to read along or just want to listen in for inspiration, join me for good conversation and a refreshingly different approach to business development!
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