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What’s Your Deal, Kate Hollis?

Conversion copywriter to thought leaders and status quo challengers of the online business world.

It’s a pretty good deal, actually.

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Hey, I’m Kate!

I'm going to skip the formal professional bio, because let's be real -- I'm too much of a goofball to have a profile written in the third person.

… I save that for when I’m impersonating The Hulk.

(Kate write. Kate SMASH!)

For real, though, the only things I’m smashing on the regular these days are breakfast sandwiches and copy projects for my brilliant clients.

I won’t say that I’m anti-niche – because nerding out about quizzes and email segmentation is my thang – but I’ve never really resonated with the whole “Ideal customer avatar” concept.

I won’t say that I’m anti-niche – because nerding out about quizzes and email segmentation is my thang – but I’ve never really resonated with the whole “Ideal customer avatar” concept.

My clients work across multiple industries, have diverse offers, work with different clients.

Not a SINGLE one of them is defined by any of these demographic points.

I think about the demographics that describe me – a college-educated, married mother, living in an affluent community in the Boston area – and can say with certainty that the image they paint doesn’t come close to who I am or how I live.

(Believe me, my purple hair and tattoos get *plenty* of side eye at school pick-up.)

It’s not demographics or pain points that inform buying behavior.

It’s our values, belief systems, emotions, and thought processes that truly motivate us.

And not only is it possible to identify the ones most prevalent in your audience, it will transform the way you serve your people because it’s rooted in something meaningful and REAL.

My delightfully eclectic career has given me an unrivaled skill set to identify, unpack, and address the inner workings of the human mind and heart.

As for my own mind and heart? They’re deeply feeling, highly sensitive, curious, compassionate.

No matter whatcha got, I can hold space for it and meet you on your own terms.

Pinky swear.
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My Background

While I hope you choose to hire me because you think I’m an awesome human with an awesome-er website, you of course want to make sure your copywriter has the chops.

Check out my LinkedIn for my full work history, but here’s the CliffNotes version – including how I draw from each experience in my current work.

I’ve always followed my curiosity, and took the scenic route through my career. All my experiences along that non-linear path inform my unique approach to copywriting.

More about my experience...

  • Certified professional writer and copy editor ➡️Technical skillz
  • Public historian ➡️Appreciation for context 
  • Start-up marketer ➡️ Adaptability
  • Wine sales clerk ➡️Direct sales experience
  • Grad student in rhetoric, composition, and critical theory ➡️Big picture thinking
  • HR business partner ➡️Business savvy
  • Leadership coach and corporate trainer ➡️ Deep understanding of human behavior and motivation
  • Front-line worker at a busy public library ➡️A love of books, words, and community
  • Board Member for an Enneagram association ➡️Personality expert and spiritual seeker
Kate Hollis
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At the end of the day, I’m a gal who knows who she is and reads A LOT of books – and with an open mind and open heart have learned a lot about people from all walks of life. (And a lot of other stuff, too.)

And I want to put it all to work for YOU. What do you say? We doin' this?

Kate in 8 (Questions)
Kate Pattern
Celeb I’d cast to play me in the movie of my life?

Tina Fey. So I can pretend I’m as cool as she is.

Book I could read over and over again?

The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune. It’s like a hug in book form.

Someday I will:

Raise ducks in my backyard, and name them after Avengers characters.

Can’t get enough of…

Trees. They’re my people.

Tunes playing in my car on the regular:

Folk Tunes. I’m slowly turning into my dad.

I’d be really good at …

Inventing  flavor combos for fancy donuts.

Bucket list trip:

A grand tour of all the U.S. National Parks

Best thing I’ve ever done for myself:

Studying the Enneagram

Personality Stuffs (if you’re into that sort of thing)

Enneagram 4w5 • Myers-Briggs INFJ • Human Design: Generator with Splenic Authority 

• Clifton Strengths Top 5: Input, Individualization, Strategic, Intellect, Empathy

Brand Values

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All the learning, forever and ever.


Where empathy meets action.


Don’t call people out. Call them in.


You do you. The world is better for it.

Wanna work together? Or just be friends? ME TOO.