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Stand out with stellar sales copy that goes beyond standard sales psychology to connect with the REAL drivers of buying behavior

AI can get in line, ‘cause we’re going where computers can’t

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It seems like everyone has an opinion about where artificial intelligence fits into the world of copywriting.

On one side: ZOMG, this is amazing! [Asks Chat GPT to write all the blogs and emails]
On the other side: Uhhh, I want nothing to do with this robotic tool and its stale content, thankyouverymuch.

Realistically, though? The best place to land is somewhere in the middle.

AI is here to stay. The name of the game is leveraging what YOU – and your audience – have that artificial intelligence doesn’t:

A complex mind and dynamic personality.

I’ve got tools and frameworks to help you harness the power of BOTH to create sales copy that deeply engages with human behavior and motivation.


If you’re looking to:

  • Convert more clients
  • Get more referrals and repeat customers
  • Inspire unwavering brand loyalty
  • Position yourself as an industry leader


… It’s time to revisit your sales copy and strategy to make sure it’s keeping pace with the Wild West that is the online business world.

ChatGPT can figure out pain points and demographics. But it can’t:

  • Segment your audience based on motivating factors like values and emotions
  • Take into account culture, politics, and social justice issues
  • Navigate the nuances of marketing to neurodiverse audiences
  • Connect with your audience through humor and compassion
  • Truly understand how our hearts, minds, and souls play into buying behavior


… But I can.

Kate Hollis

How I Can Help

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Quiz Funnels - Fun, interactive brand experiences + actionable data for audience segmentation = next-level marketing

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Email Sequences - Emails people love to read + a big-picture strategy to meet your sales goals = money in the bank

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Sales Strategy & Audits - My nerd brain + your existing copy = A revamp that majorly boosts conversions

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Hi! I’m Kate.
Conversion copywriter, weird mom, and #neurospicy business owner.

Stickers are my love language, and yes, I would LOVE to meet your dog, thanks for asking.

I’ve been in the online business world for 4 years, helping some seriously brilliant entrepreneurs sell their offers with sales copy that’s as clever as it is high-converting.

In that time, I’ve seen *massive* changes in my own biz and in my clients’.

It makes sense, right?

We’re all radically different people thanks to, y’know, a pandemic and sociopolitical upheaval.

So, if we’ve grown more complex, and so have our businesses … have our marketing and sales strategy kept pace?

Buyers are savvier than EVER, so they can tell when you’re staying surface level or relying on dated tactics.

They want more.

More from you.

And more importantly, more for themselves.

So let’s tell them all about you!

Because unlike AI, you can make your audience feel seen and understood in profoundly meaningful ways. And provide value in only the way YOU can.

So let’s make it happen, k?

Inclusion Statement

Running my biz from a place of integrity and values is super important to me.

I believe in the power of business to do good in the world – and there’s a lot of good that needs doing right now!

Words have power – and I don’t take that for granted.

I like to be up front about the fact that I do my work through a social justice lens. I want my work to help others and not cause harm, even inadvertently.

I want to live in an equitable world where no one is denied fundamental human rights. And where all bodies are granted safety, respect, and compassion.

If you want the same, let’s talk. Even if you aren’t looking for a copywriter! If you’re living your values through your biz, I wanna hear about it.

Grab a spot on my calendar for a coffee chat here.

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In a nutshell, I write sales copy.

Really, really good sales copy – but don’t take it from just me:

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